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Call Center
Commissioner for anti-corruption activities

Electronic queue for a foreign passport and ID card at the address Gdansk, Aleja Grunwaldzka 415

  • Online registration is allocated its own number of coupons according to the center’s capacity. New coupons appear on this page at any time. To confirm the registration, a code from an SMS or a message in Viber or Telegram is used (in the future, you only need to use one messenger for authorization), please make sure that your mobile phone is close to you.

    Pay attention!

    If you came to the paperwork with a pre-registration coupon (registration to the electronic queue on the website) and the time you chose coincided with a power outage or an air alarm, the coupon will be valid only during the current working day of the center.

    Despite the absence or availability of free places for registering in the electronic queue through the website, every citizen can contact the nearest «Passport Service» center and register in the electronic queue to receive the necessary service directly on the day of the application.

    Importantly! Registration at the Citizen Service Center «Passport Service» in Warsaw, Krakow and Gdańsk is carried out exclusively through Viber or Telegram (in the future, you only need to use one messenger for authorization)